Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Organizing Challenge - My Day #7

Today the lemon lady's challenge was to organize your vitamins and medicines.  Since I did that the day I cleaned and organized my bathroom drawers and cabinets I decided to clean my bedroom!  After living with 2 dogs in there for a week it certainly needed it.  All but the blinds, I'll tackle them another day.

I've been working on cutting out the little boxes we are going to make for favors for Matt and Jen's wedding.  I have to make 200!  (just in case. . .)  My sisters Diane and Lesley are going to come help me one day.  Here's a photo of my prototype:

Cute, huh?  Filled with Ghirardelli chocolate squares!
I think we will have our work cut out for us!  (no pun intended.......)

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