Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting Organized Challenge - My Day #5

So today the challenge from A Bowl Full of Lemons was to clean out and organize under your kitchen sink.  My stuff wasn't bad, I just had too much of it!  Much of what was under there I didn't use on a regular basis.

I took everything out, cleaned the cabinet and lined it with wallpaper.  I have tons of leftover wallpaper in a drawer in my guest room (oh oh - an upcoming challenge??) and I often use it to line cabinets and drawers.  I took everything out that I didn't use pretty much on a daily or weekly basis and put the rest on my "household overflow" shelves in my garage.  After I got everything back into the bin I realized I didn't need that little turntable so I'll use that somewhere else one day.  I actually looked around today for some under-sink storage items but didn't see anything that would help any more than what I already had.  The plumbing underneath was also a challenge!


Well, another challenge finished!  Even though I could do this on my own, I know I wouldn't without A Bowl Full of Lemons challenging me or my three sisters participating.  I have even made a list of some things to do on my own after the challenge days are over.  I don't think she's going to challenge me to clean out all the cabinets in the butler's pantry. . . and that guest room closet. . . the list goes on!

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