Friday, February 25, 2011

Goodbye Blogger, Hello Wordpress!

I've moved my blog and all contents to  Come and take a look!

Monday, January 24, 2011

With All My Heart

Over the weekend I worked on my two hearts for Red Lead's "With All My Heart" valentine swap.  I made two heart collages using Red Lead's large chipboard folk hearts and collage images and rubber stamps.  Here are my creations:

I made an extra one with the cats on it to send to Matt and Jen.

I know I haven't posted any Getting Organized Challenge posts lately.  I've just about gotten my house back together and am ready to take on another challenge, which I hope to do tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Organizing Challenge - My Day #7

Today the lemon lady's challenge was to organize your vitamins and medicines.  Since I did that the day I cleaned and organized my bathroom drawers and cabinets I decided to clean my bedroom!  After living with 2 dogs in there for a week it certainly needed it.  All but the blinds, I'll tackle them another day.

I've been working on cutting out the little boxes we are going to make for favors for Matt and Jen's wedding.  I have to make 200!  (just in case. . .)  My sisters Diane and Lesley are going to come help me one day.  Here's a photo of my prototype:

Cute, huh?  Filled with Ghirardelli chocolate squares!
I think we will have our work cut out for us!  (no pun intended.......)

Monday, January 17, 2011

21-Day Organizing Challenge - My Day #6

Well, I didn't post at all last week while our floors were being done.  I couldn't even get to my computer!  The floors are now done and look amazing!  Living in the bedroom for a week was well worth it!  So now my house is just about put back together and today I decided to get with the organizing/cleaning plan once more.  A Bowl Full of Lemons had Day #6 as Dresser Drawers day but my drawers really didn't need anything done to them.  The lemon lady, as my sister Diane calls her, had the pantry on Day #7 so I'm doing that for my  Day #6.  Here's a photo of my pantry before I cleaned/organized it:
Not too bad, you say - but I thought it was very disorganized even though I knew where everything was.  So now this is what it looks like after:
I guarantee that neither Jay nor Adam will be able to find a thing now! 

When I was cooped up in the bedroom I got quite a bit done:  all my ironing, and believe me, I had tons - and I cleaned and organized Jay's closet!  That wasn't even on the list!  Now all I have to do is get him inspired to do his dresser. . .

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting Organized Challenge - My Day #5

So today the challenge from A Bowl Full of Lemons was to clean out and organize under your kitchen sink.  My stuff wasn't bad, I just had too much of it!  Much of what was under there I didn't use on a regular basis.

I took everything out, cleaned the cabinet and lined it with wallpaper.  I have tons of leftover wallpaper in a drawer in my guest room (oh oh - an upcoming challenge??) and I often use it to line cabinets and drawers.  I took everything out that I didn't use pretty much on a daily or weekly basis and put the rest on my "household overflow" shelves in my garage.  After I got everything back into the bin I realized I didn't need that little turntable so I'll use that somewhere else one day.  I actually looked around today for some under-sink storage items but didn't see anything that would help any more than what I already had.  The plumbing underneath was also a challenge!


Well, another challenge finished!  Even though I could do this on my own, I know I wouldn't without A Bowl Full of Lemons challenging me or my three sisters participating.  I have even made a list of some things to do on my own after the challenge days are over.  I don't think she's going to challenge me to clean out all the cabinets in the butler's pantry. . . and that guest room closet. . . the list goes on!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Get Organized Challenge - My Day #4

Today's challenge on A Bowl Full of Lemons was to tackle the linen closet.  Every bedroom in my house (3) has it's own closet large enough to accommodate the linens for that room, so today I just tackled the linen closet in the master bedroom.  Here's the before photo:
Actually I don't think it was that bad, but I did have tons of hair and body products on the shelves that I ended up moving into the drawers in the bathroom - after I cleaned them out!  And the dust!  The cat actually got into the closet after it was empty and started batting around the dust bunnies.  So here's the after photo:
So not only did my linen closet get cleaned out, but the drawers in my bathroom as well.  Oh - except for Jay's, which is a project for another day!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Get Organized Challenge - My Day #3

Today's challenge was to clean and organize the cabinet where you keep your Tupperware and storage items.  I don't have an issue with mine so my one picture shows my cabinet (the second one up and the fourth one up) as it is and has been for some time.  I used to keep them in a lower cabinet and I could just throw everything in - which I usually did!  Having them above the counter instead of below has made it easier to keep things neat.