Monday, January 17, 2011

21-Day Organizing Challenge - My Day #6

Well, I didn't post at all last week while our floors were being done.  I couldn't even get to my computer!  The floors are now done and look amazing!  Living in the bedroom for a week was well worth it!  So now my house is just about put back together and today I decided to get with the organizing/cleaning plan once more.  A Bowl Full of Lemons had Day #6 as Dresser Drawers day but my drawers really didn't need anything done to them.  The lemon lady, as my sister Diane calls her, had the pantry on Day #7 so I'm doing that for my  Day #6.  Here's a photo of my pantry before I cleaned/organized it:
Not too bad, you say - but I thought it was very disorganized even though I knew where everything was.  So now this is what it looks like after:
I guarantee that neither Jay nor Adam will be able to find a thing now! 

When I was cooped up in the bedroom I got quite a bit done:  all my ironing, and believe me, I had tons - and I cleaned and organized Jay's closet!  That wasn't even on the list!  Now all I have to do is get him inspired to do his dresser. . .

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