Saturday, January 1, 2011

Getting Organized Challenge

OK, so it's not one of my New Year's resolutions, but a good idea nonetheless!  My sister has found a blog called A Bowl Full of Lemons and it seems that her main goal in life is to be CLEAN and ORGANIZED - good goals!  She has put out a challenge to get organized in 21 days so we're in.  First day, today, is to clean out your junk drawer.  Now I have to say that I do have more than one junk drawer but the main one that we all go to first is the one I'll be working on.  Since it is the end of the day and we just came home from a New Year's Day party, I'll be working on mine tomorrow (Sunday is typically a "day off.")  Here's a photo of my junk drawer before organizing:
Pretty messy, huh?  Tomorrow I'll organize it and show the after picture!  Happy New Year!

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